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Best Selling Products for Women

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MY SEX TOYS | Buy Sex Toys For Men and Women In India

Buy sex toys in India at Get 100% legal sex toys like vibrators, dildo, fleshlights, lingerie etc. Buy sex toys online India at best price. India is the world’s second most populated country; we still use an asterisk sign while writing the word and giving it alternative names while we talk about it. Talking about sex toys is still taboo in India and is something that we have been ignoring. Have you ever wondered why? Why is it Ok to do it and not talk about it? Why is it just a thing that is supposed to be done behind the doors and not even talk about it in the open? Along with Mental and physical happiness, it’s been stressed by experts about the importance of sexual happiness. Sexual pleasure and desires are not just physical but impose serious consequences on mental health too. Though we can see a minute change in the thinking with education and development, there is still a long way to go. When an Indian philosopher introduced the Kama sutra in the 6th century, he must have thought to take the concept of Sex in public and open the doors of imagination among all. But unfortunately, we have been stuck with a different kind of thinking.

Sex Toys:

The name tells it all. The toys that one uses to fulfilL sexual desires are referred to as sex toys. These are the products that let you be yourself. It makes you self-sufficient, even for something like Sex, which has always been known to be a couple of things. Those days while you would long for a partner just because your desires needed to be fulfilled are now a thing of the past. With the huge range of such toys available for males, females, and even the LGBT community, you can select one or many for yourself that suit your needs and even the mood!

Sex toys in India

Are you kidding? Are you not capable enough to find a partner for Sex? Sex toys are for those who are incompetent. These are the things that you would hear a lot of you ever even whisper about sex toys in India. The things that are still to be understood and would most probably take a long time to be understood is that love and sex are two different things. If you get them together, there is no harm, but there is nothing to crib about even if you don’t. Especially when you can have the sexual pleasures with these ever so awesome products available in wide varieties. Explore yourself. Explore what your body needs and demands the most. Explore the inner happiness in you. For those who miss a partner, toys resembling the genitals and those who believe that the best person who can satisfy them are themselves, toys like Realistic Vibrators in India and dildos for women and cock ring and striker for men been making a difference in the lives of many. Not to forget, even if you are a couple and looking to add a spark to the boring sex lives, the world of sex toys have something for you too.

About us

We are not just another brand; we are a one-stop destination for all your sex toy needs. A company which takes the utmost care of the quality because we worry about your health and emotions more than you. The technology used for every toy is the latest, and the designs result from the team of experts who have been known to think out of the box always to serve you with better things than the best. The other thing we consider is the feedback and reviews given by our patrons to improve our services. While We take care of what you want, always and forever. The unique and vibrant range of products has always liked for themselves. No matter if you have recently decided to explore the world of sex toys or have been bored with your older ones, the entire range serves each one of you. That’s not all; we also make sure that we support you at every step, be it guiding you about our products, or select the best one according to you, our especially accustomed port is ready to help you at any time.

Why us? aims to be the best online service to provide you with the best quality adult products India that ensure pleasure and satisfaction and a sense of completeness. Online services for things accepted by the general public provide platforms, especially for those who feel insecure about buying them and being seen. Here are a few things that would make you feel the need to use our services very soon:

1. Innovation: Nothing beats the happiness of getting something that has always been in your dreams but getting it seemed tough in reality. We try and provide you with such unique sex toys in Delhi, and the sense of satisfaction is provided out of the world.

2. Prices: What about getting the desired product in the best quality and the lowest price? No, we are not just faking around. We want you to witness the revolution that makes sex toys in Bangalore a well-accepted thing.

3.Door step delivery: We are one of those companies that provide you the liberty to receive your chosen sex toys at the convenience of your home. The other thing we keep in mind is keeping the confidentiality intact about what the parcel contains. So, if you have to keep yourself back to avoid the embarrassment of other people knowing what you have ordered, we have taken care of it too.

4. Your health, our priority: We understand the importance of hygiene of your genitals and private parts. The material used in manufacturing these toys is one hundred percent safe and does not cause any health hazards to your body or the body parts.

5. uniqueness: Life is not the same old thing. It needs joy, change, and adventure to keep going. We have always thought of this aim to bring you the products that are unique and meet all your expectations. This quality has been attracting uses from across the country, and we have been overwhelmed by the kind of reviews we have been getting. We now look forward to keeping working with the same enthusiasm and keep making you happy for the years to come.

Our range of products

Like none of us share the same habits, likes, and dislikes, how can we expect you to have similar choices for something as crucial and important as sex toys. Thus, we present you with the most exclusive and innovative range of sex toys.

Here are the products broadly classified into different categories depending upon the gender.

Sex Toys for Men

Masturbaters: No doubt that men have always enjoyed masturbation, the orthodox style. But it’s time to change with the changes. We present the most exotic variety of male masturbater that will change each of them’ s outlook about the level of pleasure they had earlier versus the one they get from these sex toys.

Fleshlight: While sexual pleasure is talked about, Fleshlight in India has stayed a product liked by most users. This gives the feel of a female’s natural genitals and helps the males be themselves and enjoy the way they want. Fleshlight in India online has gained popularity recently after the busy schedules, hustle-bustle in the lives, and a strong will to seek pleasure no matter what. While these have been known to be safe, we take care of our users’ raw material, design, and needs.

Our company stands among the toppers in the list while fleshlight online India is talked about. The real feel of the vagina is what the users feel. So, no matter if you are traveling, missing your partner, or looking for self-love, these brilliantly designed fleshlights have the best solution for you. So next time, if it’s a pleasure you are missing, not the person, you know where you can find the contentment.

Lubricants: Enjoyment during the sex is what one looks for. If it has to be painful or difficult, it tends to lose the charm for sure. These lubricants are a way to ensure easy and smooth penetration of the male genitals into the vagina, making the entire duration of intercourse as pleasurable as it could be. Best Sex toys in Mumbai got its definition after the launch of our products.

Sexual enhancement tools: If it is about being good on bed, satisfying yourself, or satisfying your partner, the arousal of the penis is what keeps the game going. If that step is missed, you certainly are going to lose the rest of the others. Specially formulated sprays are natural and safe to be used, ensures that you play the game like a pro. Be it the start, the mid, or the climax; you would end up like a rockstar.

Penis extenders: The bigger the penis, the more is the pleasure your partner is likely to get, ad satisfy you in return. As the length of your genitals, the natural things should not be an obstacle for pleasure. So, we came up with this highly innovative product in sex toys for men in India that leaves you satisfied, and your partner contented. This extends the length of your penis by opening up its fold’s ad holding it in the position, making it longer than the actual length.

Female sex toys

Sex toys for women in India have been more deprived of sexual pleasures, leading to mental anxiety and depression. We tend to ignore thee and focus on things that might not be of much relevance. We have the best range of sex toys for women, have a partner, or having a female partner. From making them discreet like the shape of lipstick or nail polish, we have taken care of every single thing to make them reason specific. Here is the brief about them:

Dildos: Women, even though in disguise, have been trying several things, which might not be as hygienic as they should be, leaving them with health issues. We have bought the most exotic range of dildo in India for women, which can take them to the heights of pleasure they have been missing.

Vibrators: This is, again, something that has been tried by women in orthodox styles. Most of the methods have not been able to stay up to the mark due to the lack of a mechanism that a sex vibrator in india needs. The ones that have been bought for you by us have been designed, keeping in mind what a woman looks for to enjoy and reach the climax. These Discreet Vibrators in India have been manufactured after through research and innovation.


frequently asked questions


Is an authentic and safe site to buy sex toys?

Yes. is definitely an authentic site to get a plethora of sex toys at your convenience. boasts a variety of designs for both men and women. Also, our payment method is very secure, and we sell toys without disclosing your identity to any third party.

Are sex toys safe to use?

Yes, sex toys are undoubtedly very safe to use. You need to use them properly and keep them clean regularly to enjoy the safest satisfaction experience.

What is the reason behind Indians buying sex toys online?

The outlets of sex toy shops are very limited in India. Rather, you can say there is hardly any store of sex toys in India.  Due to taboos and a few legal complications, it is still not available rapidly in the form of physical stores. Hence, online stores are the most convenient way for Indians to buy sex toys.

Are these sex toys legal in India?

It’s Perfectly Legal in India. As per section 292 of the Indian Penal Code, it prevents selling any material or product, which is obscene by nature in India. However, there are no statements regarding the prohibition of sex toys in India. Thus, many online adult websites sell sex toys, and even people buy from there.

How do I buy my first sex toy?

To choose your first sex toy, you need to consider a few factors before making the purchase.

  • Make sure you are choosing a proper length, which is suitable for your need.
  • Check the body safe label before purchasing one.
  • Focus on the features and modes of settings available in the sex toy.
  • Consider the look of the toy.
  • Make sure it is having the proper texture of the surface to give you the utmost pleasure.

Is the delivery person aware of what is inside the parcel?

No. The delivery person has to deal with the order code to make it reach your address safely. Don’t worry; our delivery person does not know what is inside as we offer discreet shipping and delivery services.

Which are the best sex toys for men?

For men, toys like Blow Job Male masturbator, Fleshlight Stoya-USA, and Fleshlight Teagan Presley are the best-rated ones. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit STU is also an excellent gear for your sexual pleasure.

Which are the best sex toys for women?

In the case of women, sex toys like the , Rabbit vibrator dual pleasure, Big Detective Wireless Vibrator, Diamond Mini Bullet Vibrator, and Horse Realistic Big Dildo are great. You can also pick the Double Dildo Strapon Lesbian Fun if you love lesbian sex.

Are there any sex toys available for couples?

There are a wide variety of sex toys that you can easily use for your couple sex. You can simply use any of the kinky sex toys available on our site to spice up your couple sex life.

What does discreet packaging mean exactly?

Discreet packaging means no one can look at the outside of the order you ship and determine what is present inside the packet. Our discreet shipping service gives no clue to the outside world what the product is inside and removes any information about it on the package.

How can I track my order?

You can easily track your order by logging into your account on our website. We also send you time-to-time notifications about your order from the moment you place it.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Based on your location, it usually takes 2-4 days for an order to reach out to you. For any delay, we notify you prior. For Metros its Generally two days and for non-metros it takes  3 to 4 days at max.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer you both online and offline payment methods. You can use your debit, credit cards, net banking, e-wallet, or gift cards to pay online on the site. Otherwise, you can opt for cash on delivery to pay us.