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MY SEX TOYS | Buy Sex Toys For Men and Women In India

My Sex Toys is India’s leading adult online store that deals with dildos, vibrators, sexual lubricants, sex baby doll dresses, and fleshlight in India. Our list of products not only stores some of the leading sexual products but also delivers you right at the time of need.  It is an one stop destination for all your sex needs when your partner is not with you. Give it a try and enjoy a superb sex life. 

Our state of the art adult sex toys are made up of virgin materials which not only give you an intense pleasure but also leaves no marks on your body. My sex toys happens to be one of the most trusted place in India where you can get a wide range of sexual wellness products to transform your monotonous sex life into erotic one. 

If you have been in distress for not finding the right toy for your sexual organs, then just have a look at our product inventory which has toys for each and every one. Our range of legal adult toys are available for both men and women. 

Unleash the best ever erotic pleasure with our amazing Dildos, fleshlight and other range of products

We bet you that our products will surely help you unleash your inner erotica and give you an intense self satisfaction session in the absence of your partner. All our products are designed to give you a perfect experience without compromising on anything. Each of our products are flexibly designed to meet the requirements of all individuals and most importantly we spend a considerable amount of time testing each product before adding the same to our inventory. You will on no occasion come across any product on our website that is not permissible for legal selling. 

What can you expect from our range of products?

Now coming to our high quality products, they will not only be of help to satisfy your craving for sexual pleasure but they will also be of great help to delay your orgasm timings, enjoy multiple orgasms one after another, and let your dick remain hard after orgasm as well. 

It is a matter of fact that most of the people who wish to buy a sex toy are not aware of the best product that can give them a whole new level of excitement. To clear out this confusion, we have added products for everyone. Be sure that our sex toys for women and men are the best ever products available in India that can take you on a ride of fun and ecstasy. 

Since our inception we have been not only dealing with products high on quality but also on products that are 100% legal sex toys. When we receive an order over the internet, we make sure that we make the best packaging possible so that it doesn’t get damaged on the way before reaching you. And most importantly your product is shipped with complete anonymity if at all you request. There is no need to worry about any kind of legal hassles as all the products that you will receive will be shipped from our very own registered warehouse facility that follows all the rules and regulations strictly. 

What we have to offer?

To meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of customers, we sell everything starting from sex toys for men and women to lubricants for your sex organs. 


Our specially designed sex toy collection for men will offer you a lot of hidden advantages over real sex. It can increase the blood flow to the area and also be of great help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Not to mention, your level of stress is surely going to be eased.


 If you wish to feel real like penetration in your vagina, then our specially designed Female Sex toys will work wonders and break the monotony in a lot of portions of your life. Female Sex toys are made to improve the confidence in the bedroom during the actual sex game with your beloved partner by giving you an unforgettable erotic pleasure like a real penetration. 


If you are ready to improve your sexual stamina then get the best ever fleshlights from My Sex Toys. Our range of fleshlight products have been very successful in improvising the performance as well as intensifying orgasms. The fleshlight products are made up of virgin materials that not only offer a sense of intense sexual pleasure but also leave no side effects on your beautiful body. 


Tired of giving yourself handjobs in the absence of your partner? This is the time to get discreet, water resistant and rechargeable vibrators from us. To make your sex life awesome, we have sourced some of the discrete vibrators that you can carry at all times with you. You can make use of these vibrators for both couple as well as solo sex play. The best part of these vibrators is that they don’t produce the typical annoying noise and are very easy to use because of their steady remote control. 

Why should you choose us over other players?

There are a lot of reasons which make us one of the best players in the adult sex toy market. 

  • We have a huge product line up that includes Male Masturbates, Lipstick Vibrator, Exclusive Fleshlight Girls, Pussy Vibrator, Realistic Dildo Vibrators, Sexy Baby doll Lingerie and Sex Lubricants. 
  • You will get a complete guarantee of the quality of the product as well as its hygiene. Since our inception we have been only getting products from some of the top vendors in the world. 
  • We offer all sorts of products at the most affordable pricing. We deliver to all pincodes in India and at the same time we make sure that each of our price tags is reasonable and affordable. We have kept the best ever pricing policy to deliver you your dream sex toy in the most competitive pricing. 
  • We accept all modes of payments starting from prepaid payments to cash on delivery. We would like to request you check your pin-code for the availability of cash on delivery. 
  • We assure you to get seamless after sale consultation from our expert customer support executives. If at all you face any kind of difficulty using the product, then you can connect to 24×7 customer care for any kind of support. Be sure you will be offered the best resolution in the least possible time.